The Hormones Myth about Turkey

The hormones myth about turkeyDid you know? One of the biggest myths about raising turkeys is that farmers use growth hormones and steroids to make turkeys grow bigger. That is simply not true! In fact, it is illegal in the U.S. to use growth hormones or steroids in any poultry production – turkey, chicken or egg layer hens. And this goes for any size farm (large, medium or small) and backyard flocks, as well.

Kent with TurkeyHormones myth turkeyHere’s what the National Turkey Federation has to say about it: “FDA bans the use of such hormones. Genetic improvements, better feed formulation and modern management practices are responsible for the increase in turkey size.”

What does that mean? In a nutshell, it means that along with genetic improvements in the birds themselves, farmers have gotten better at knowing exactly what to feed their turkeys and chickens to make them flourish and be healthy.

You can read more about this myth here and, visit the Minnesota Turkey website to read more about how farmers raise turkeys. And in the meantime, you now know the truth – that turkeys aren’t fed any type of growth hormones or steroids.

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