Farming Industry Blogs

Rita Vander Kooi

“My name is Rita Vander Kooi and I typically write on Thursdays about happenings on the farm and in my family here in Minnesota.”

Carolyn Suerth Hudson

“Hi! I am Carolyn Suerth Hudson, a registered and licensed dietitian (RD, LD). All fancy words for letting you know that I am licensed to help you make sense of dairy nutrition. My job at Midwest Dairy Council is being the dairy nutrition expert skilled at boiling down dairy science to make it understandable. I love being a dietitian and have worked for more than 30 years in the United States and Canada.”

Foodie News Blog

“The preferences of foodies, who generally are more discriminating than other consumers, continue to influence the food grown by America’s farmers and ranchers. With this trend in mind, we hope you enjoy the Foodie News blog.”

Meyer Dairy

“Nick and Tara Meyer own Meyer Dairy a family-owned farm located in Stearns County, Minnesota.  We have two young children, Tyler and Madeline.”

Orange Patch Dairy

“The daily grind of a southern Minnesota Dairy Farm. My husband Jonathan and I run a 185 cow dairy in partnership with his father, and his additional 90 cows. We have a traditional dairy. We love our job, it may be hard but it’s very rewarding.”

My Barnyard View

“I blog about how i see the world, on and off the farm. I’m sharing my barnyard blessings about faith, family, farming and friends.”

Cow Spots and Tales

“Just your average 20-something. I’m a rural-Minnesota dairy farm gal who tries to appreciate God’s blessings to the fullest. I dairy farm, I run, and I find a lot of things worth smiling about.

Minnesota Farm Living

“Hi, My name is Wanda Patsche and I live in southern rural Minnesota. My husband and I farm corn, soybeans and hogs. I have 3 wonderful daughters and 5 fabulous grandchildren.”

Carolyn Cares

“I grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. On August 20, 1988 I married my best friend, Jonathan, and moved to rural Cottonwood, Minnesota. Our three daughters are currently in college.”

Dairy Good Life

“We are Glen and Sadie Frericks of Blue Diamond Dairy. We milk cows together on a small farm near Melrose, Minnesota. We have a son, Dan, 6, and two daughters, Monika, 4, and Daphne, 0.”

My Wheat Farm

“I’m Erik Younggren, a fourth-generation wheat farmer from Hallock, Minn. I work with two of my cousins to run our family’s farm. I’m also the second vice president of the National Association of Wheat Growers and a husband and soon-to-be father.”

Pork Power Blog

“Pork Power is a group of Minnesota’s pork producers who like to share their experiences as pig farmers, parents and athletes.  The Minnesota Pork Board has been a sponsor at Grandma’s Marathon and the Boston Maraton and with their help we hope to increase the awareness of pork as a lean protein choice to the exercise and health conscious individuals who not only run marathons, but run the everyday race of life.

My Other More Exciting Self

“Hello, my name is Lara and I am many things – wife, mother of one, farmer’s daughter. I grew up on a farm near Hector, Minnesota and wanted nothing more than to leave that small town at age 18, get my journalism degree at the University of Minnesota and take that wherever it would lead me.”

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