America’s Heartland

America's HeartlandWhere else can you learn about Minnesota pickles, roses and dairy cows all in one place? America’s Heartland has introduced viewers to America’s farmers and ranchers since its first episode in 2005. The idea was a simple one – give consumers an inside look at the people and processes involved in bringing food, fuel and fiber to those in the United States and around the world. Since that first episode, America’s Heartland has brought viewers informative and compelling stories about farm families, agricultural technology, consumer issues, animal care, environmental concerns, organic farming and crop sustainability. As the only nationally broadcast program of its kind, America’s Heartland strives to give viewers a better understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing today’s agriculture.

Like a great pickle? If you’re a pickle connoisseur, you’ve probably tasted Gedney Pickles. This Minnesota company has been making great pickles for over 130 years. It’s a family business that uses special cucumbers and special brines to turn out sweet and sour and sweet and tangy pickles.

Flowers are the gift many of us choose for special occasions. Len Busch Roses is the place where many of those flowers come from. For nearly 50 years, this family-based Minnesota floral company has grown and shipped millions of multi-colored stems, as well as a wide variety of other flowers and plants.

Minnesota farmer Bonnie Mohr runs a dairy farm with her husband and young children. She is also one of the most successful rural life painters in America. Her colorful and detailed artwork depicts the animals on her farm as well as iconic American rural landscape images.

To view more episodes on Minnesota farmers, visit Visit to view episodes from around the country, search recipes and find educational resources for students and teachers.

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