Your Holiday Meal Comes from the Farm

Holiday DinnerHappy holiday season from Minnesota’s farmers! From the snow covered fields and barns of rural Minnesota to bustling grocery stores and markets, food and agriculture are very much a part of this joyful season.

No matter what tasty foods appear on your family’s table, they all have their origins on the farm. Did you know that by visiting us online, you can take a fun and informative online tour of thirteen Minnesota farms!

It’s a neat opportunity to get a personal look at your food favorites with a farmer as your guide. If you’ve got a sweet spot for eggnog or baked custard, you can learn about eggs from Brian, our egg farmer.

MN Dairy FarmerIf cheese, sweet cream, and butter are among your holiday favorites you can tour three different dairies with Rita, Charity, and Shannon. Maybe roast turkey is your pick? Let Kent or John show you the details of their turkey farms.
MN Beef Farmer
We also have cattle farmers Brian and Bryan to show you their beef herds and help you appreciate the dedicated families behind every holiday beef roast that’s enjoyed.
MN Hog Farmer
If you love roast pork or choose to wrap anything in bacon, then you’ve got to follow along with farmer Judi or hog veterinarian Laura to learn more about Minnesota pork. Roast chicken is another great favorite, and you can find out more about it with farmer Bill.

We also feature videos of corn and soybean farmers Greg and Matt, who grow grain that helps feed both animals and people.

The truth is that no matter what they grow, Minnesota farmers are dedicated and proud to produce safe, healthy food for you and your family. We want to thank you for supporting us this past year. We wish you all the best in the New Year, and we hope you’ll continue following along with us in 2014.

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