Join in the Fun at MN Department of Ag’s Exhibit!

What do bugs, scarecrows and moldy food have in common?
You’ll find them all in the MDA State Fair Exhibit!

Visiting the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s 2013 State Fair Exhibit will be an adventure! This family-friendly exhibit will show fairgoers how MDA touches the lives of every Minnesotan. Here’s a snapshot of the five areas you can explore:

  • The Bed Bug Room – have fun trying to find the bed bugs (not real!) hiding in the room. You’ll also learn how to identify bed bugs and how to protect your family from the growing problem of bed bugs. There will be scientific examples of bed bugs and an opportunity to take a fun bed bug photo. Live bed bugs will be on display on August 29 from noon – 5:00 p.m.

  • Minnesota Grown Family Fun – discover what foods are grown in our great state and get to know a farmer. Members of the Minnesota Grown program will be on hand to discuss the products they grow and talk about their farming practices. Kids’ can pick apples from a magnetic apple tree and take a photo with a scarecrow.
  • Minnesota Deli – here you’ll test your food safety inspection skills and find out what MDA inspectors look for when inspecting Minnesota’s grocery and convenience stores. Why is the coleslaw moldy? Learn how ice cream gets from the dairy farm to your freezer.
  • Green Lawns – Blue Lakes – learn some great tips for keeping your lawn healthy and green and our lakes healthy and blue. Simple things such as proper fertilizing and watering can make a big difference in lawn health and subsequently the viability of Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes.
  • North Star Campground – learn to recognize the damage gypsy moths and emerald ash borers can cause and how you can help to prevent their spread. See why these bugs are on Minnesota’s “Most Wanted” list.

Located in the North Hall of the Agriculture/Horticulture Building, the MDA exhibit will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily during the 12 days of the State Fair, Thursday, August 22 through Labor Day, September 2.

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