Drive the Ag Cab Lab at the State Fair

Ag Cab LabWant to get your kids practicing their tractor and combine driving skills? The Ag Cab Lab Tractor and Ag Cab Lab Combine will be at the Minnesota State Fair again this year in two locations! Visit the Miracle of Birth Center or the Farm Bureau Booth to hop inside the cab and virtually cultivate, plant or harvest a field during the 12 days of the fair.

Ag Cab LabWhile at the Farm Bureau building located behind the big yellow slide, families can take a ride in the Ag Cab Lab and enjoy a book reading from a Minnesota author, Monday-Friday at 10:30 a.m. and at 1 p.m., as well as, take a very short quiz to earn a small cooler to learn more about family farming.

The Ag Cab Lab is also located at the MN Zoo during the fall and spring, Rochester Children’s Museum and Bemidji Headwaters Science Center. For more information about the Ag Cab Lab email:

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