Bacon Craze!

Simply Saucy Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin
Bacon cookies, bacon doughnuts, bacon ice-cream, everywhere you look bacon seems to be the ingredient that everyone is adding to their favorite recipes. Some have even added bacon flavor to their hygiene products like cologne or toothpaste. Even your favorite pork recipes can be “spiced” up with a little bit of bacon.

One recipe that is sure to be a hit at the dinner table is bacon wrapped pork loin. This delicious meal will please family members of all ages. The bacon will add some extra flavor and juiciness to the already tender pork loin.

Another simple cut of pork that you can add bacon to is pork burgers. Adding bacon to a ground pork burger is sure to be a grilling favorite this summer!

Here are some fun facts that you might not know about bacon:

  • 1.7 billion pounds of bacon are consumed by the United States each year.
  • September 3rd is national bacon day
  • 70 percent of bacon is consumed for breakfast (try the bacon wrapped loin for dinner)

For more information on pork as well as other pork recipes visit

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