Turkey Lovers Unite – and Gobble On!

MN Turkey on Facebook!
June is Turkey Lovers’ Month – the perfect time to seek out information on Minnesota turkey farmers and the delicious, nutritious array of turkey products available to you. It’s easy – just head to Facebook and Twitter!

“Like” Minnesota Turkey on Facebook and you’ll have a direct connection to farmers who raise turkey. It’s a great place to ask questions on anything turkey-related.

MN TurkeyCheck out Mescke Poultry on Facebook – this page is run by Minnesota turkey farmers Kent and Lynn Meschke and they love to show you are around their farm.

Twitter more your thing? Then follow @Minnesota Turkey and @MNGobble Gal to keep up-to-date on the daily news and issues affecting turkey farmers.

If you’re looking for a mix of turkey, chicken and egg information along with recipes and musings about life, then you’ll want to check out this blog, written by a mom who also happens to know a thing or two about poultry.

And remember – enjoy those turkey burgers or tenderloins on the grill this month in honor of June is Turkey Lovers’ Month!

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