Get to Know a Farm Blogger!

Blogging. What was once a novel and niche endeavor has now become main stream. We search for nearly everything on the Internet, and no matter what we look for; we’re likely to come across bloggers writing about whatever we can dream up. But what about agriculture and life on the farm? Is it possible that farmers really blog?

Absolutely. Farmers are active in social media and blogging in greater numbers than you might think, and they want to interact with you! Here in eBites we feature links to several Minnesota farm blogs, but this month we’re taking it further. Below is a link to a great compilation of farm blogs on Cause Matters, categorized by region of the country and then by state. Some international farm blogs are also listed. Take a moment (or longer!) to browse through them, read some that catch your interest, and leave a comment if there’s anything you’re left wondering about.

Whether it’s photos of rural landscapes and animals, a recipe right from the farm kitchen, or straight talk on issues facing agriculture, there’s nothing quite like the perspective straight from a farmer.


In addition to this great blog list, we also want to give you the scoop on a new, comprehensive food resource. It’s appropriately called Food Source, and was created by the US Farmers & Ranchers Alliance to answer questions you might have related to farm and food. The tough subjects are not ignored, and there’s even a place to submit your own questions. We’re certain you’ll be glad if you stop by.


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