Get Ready for Turkey Day!

For Minnesota turkey farmers, Thanksgiving is a special time of year when, just like you, we pause and give thanks for our families, our blessings and our food – most notably, the turkey at the center of the table.

Preparing a turkey for Thanksgiving isn’t complicated and there are plenty of tips available to both novice and professional cooks alike:

Beyond the basics, we highly recommend brining a turkey to ensure a moist, succulent, tasty bird. Or one of the most popular ways to prepare a whole bird is by deep frying, which sears in the juices and gives the bird a delicious crunchy skin.

For additional tips and plenty of recipe ideas for leftovers, visit (click on the Thanksgiving Information icon) and

Just for fun! Try this “Turkey-Shaped Challah Bread” recipe and wow adults and kids alike!

Are you on Pinterest or Twitter? We encourage you to show your #FoodThanks this year for wholesome food and the farmers who provide it. Details –

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