A “Minnesota Grown” Thanksgiving Meal

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to incorporate Minnesota grown foods into the annual feast.

First, find a Minnesota grown turkey to fill the center of the plate for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. It’s not hard to do as Minnesota is the leading turkey producing state in the nation, supplying those found in grocery stores and co-ops. There are also small scale turkey farmers that sell directly to consumers.

Next, how about some locally grown foods to compliment the main course? Winter squash is a popular and versatile item that stores well and is widely grown in Minnesota. Potatoes are a very common Thanksgiving side and Minnesota ranks 7th nationally in the production of potatoes. And be sure to include wild rice to showcase a product that was being grown and harvested in Minnesota long before the first Thanksgiving meal occurred.

Finally, no meal would be complete without dessert and there are many locally grown options including pumpkin pie made from local pumpkins and apple pies made from Haralson and other locally grown varieties. Many apple orchards still have their shops open for sales of apple pies and apple cider.

And oh – need a little wine with dinner? One of the fastest growing segments of Minnesota agriculture is the farm winery industry. Ranging from white to red and even fruit wines, they are all produced from Minnesota grown grapes.

You can find all these Thanksgiving favorites in the Minnesota Grown Directory, online and in print. Head to www.minnesotagrown.com to find a farmer near you. Or call 1-888-TOURISM to receive your FREE copy of the Minnesota Grown Directory.

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