One of America’s Oldest Farms – Right in Your Backyard!

Discover the amazing stories of century farms across the nation as you meet farmers and ranchers on We are excited to share new videos and written profiles of farmers and ranchers who bring to life the joys and challenges of managing a sustainable farm for more than 100 years.

One of the featured farm families are the Winslows, Scott, Jean, Colin and Katie of Fillmore County. The Winslow’s family farm Twin Oak Acres has been in existence since 1854.

“When people ask me how long we’ve been here, I tell them we’ve always been here,” said Winslow, whose ancestors came to the new world aboard the infamous Mayflower. Ancestors of Scott Winslow immigrated to this land in 1629 and lived in New York, Massachusetts and Illinois before settling in Minnesota and Kansas. Twin Oak Acres diversified farm was established in 1854, four years before Minnesota became a state. A small log cabin originally provided shelter to the family, and later a wood frame house was built in the 1860’s which served as the family home until 2000. A new home now sits in the same location.

To view the Winslow video, visit or click here.

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Agriculture’s Lasting Heritage is a partnership between the American Farm Bureau Foundation for agriculture and Capreno®, the longest-lasting herbicide of its kind. This program provides further recognition of the proud tradition of American agriculture and the farm families that have worked the land and kept farms in their families for more than 100 years.

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