New Family Friendly Exhibit!

In the suburban neighborhood or the urban apartment, you may have believed that the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) only works with farmers. Well, yes, our core programs focus on agriculture, but the work of the MDA touches every Minnesotan.  We’re proud to present a new, family friendly exhibit focused on need-to-know information.

  • First, learn how to protect you and your family from the growing problem of bed bugs. See scientific examples of bed bugs and take a fun bed bug photo.
  • Test your food safety inspection skills in the Minnesota Deli and find out what MDA inspectors look for when inspecting Minnesota’s grocery stores.
  • Minnesota Grown Family Fun: Discover how farm tours can make your next visit to the apple orchard, berry farm or pumpkin patch even more exciting!
  • With a visit to the North Star Campground, learn to recognize the damage gypsy moths and emerald ash borers can cause and how you can help to prevent their spread.

Be sure to stop by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s exhibit
at the Minnesota State Fair!

Click here for details and booth location.

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