Tis the season for Livin’ La Vida Local!

We love this time of year! The growing season is underway and that means a greater variety of locally grown foods and products to choose from. With a quick search of the Minnesota Grown Directory, you can find the farm or market nearest you – or – visit the Minnesota Farmers Market Association for a list of member markets throughout the state. Outside of Minnesota, check out the USDA’s Farmers Market Directory.

Why buy local, eat local? The reasons will vary depending on who you ask, but here are a few we would like to emphasize:

Locally grown foods are fresher it’s definitely fresher and we think you’ll agree that in many cases it does taste better than food that’s been trucked or flown in from thousands of miles away.

Locally grown foods are seasonal eating fruits and veggies when they’re in season is also when they’re freshest. Think sweet corn. Enough said.

Locally grown foods have a smaller environmental impact foods shipped from thousands of miles away leads to a bigger carbon footprint. And you know as well as we do that in this case, bigger is not better.

Locally grown foods help support your local economy spending your money with local farmers and growers keeps the money close to home and helps support your local economy.

Locally grown foods create community when you know where your food comes from you have more connections to more food sources. By developing relationships with the people who grow and raise your food – the local farmer, market, orchard and co-op, you are connected to a larger world.

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