It’s National Egg Month

May is National Egg Month – and what better way to learn about eggs than from a farmer! That’s what over 100,000 students did in April, and now you can too.

Discovery Education™ and the American Egg Board have teamed up to provide a virtual field trip of a working egg farm. This 30-minute visit to Hickman Family Farms follows the egg from farm to table. You’ll go right inside the hen house, check out the birds, learn about animal care, and then follow the process all the way to when the eggs arrive fresh in grocery stores. You’ll also learn how egg farmers conserve resources, all the while providing an amazing source of protein and other nutrients to consumers at an affordable price.

To take the tour yourself visit You can view the entire tour or pick and choose from different segments, depending on how much time you have.

If you’d like to expand on the field trip or know a teacher looking for more information about egg farming, the Good Egg Project™ Education Station offers a variety of lesson plans, additional videos focused on egg farming, nutritional information, and – of course! – plenty of delicious egg recipes.

Happy National Egg Month!

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