Food Safety Spotlight: Hot Tips for Memorial Day Grilling

Memorial Day weekend is practically upon us, and for many that means the first big grilling event of the season. Or perhaps you’ve already fired up the grill and are enjoying that delicious, smoky flavor?

Either way, we want to help out by providing a few tips to keep your food delicious AND safe when you’re using the grill.

Cook Foods Thoroughly – Make sure raw meats, poultry, and fish are fully cooked to the recommended temperature. Use a food thermometer to check. USDA’s guidelines for temperature can be found here.

Keep Raw Meats Separate – Don’t cross contaminate raw fruits and veggies or already cooked foods with raw meats. Use a different cutting board and utensils when handling these uncooked foods.

Wash Those Hands – You may remember a few issues back in “eBites” when we talked about the best way to wash hands (Hot, soapy water and at least 20 seconds of scrubbing). Make sure you wash hands before food prep and after handling raw meats as you’re grilling.

Keep Foods at a Safe Temperature – The basic rule here is to keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold. Be sure to keep salads, coleslaws, refrigerated desserts and other perishable foods below 40 degrees F. Hot foods should be kept above 140 degrees F. If leftovers sit out too long outside it is safest to throw them out.

Sources: USDA and FDA guidelines

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