It’s Oink Outings Season

The Minnesota Pork Board’s Oink Outings booth will be at a variety of family-friendly events and farmers markets this spring and summer. From April through September, the Oink Outings booth will be at 25 Twin Cities’ area gatherings. At the Oink Outings booth, you’ll have an opportunity to visit with Minnesota pig farmers on how they care for their pigs, receive an Oink Outings reusable shopping bag, pork recipes, pork cooking information, plus other terrific handouts. And kids can Get Oinked with an Oink Outings removable tattoo.

Ask a Farmer, Feed a Family

To help inspire conversation between farmers and Oink Outings booth visitors, the Minnesota Pork Board will donate one pound of ground pork to Second Harvest Heartland for a pork or pig related question asked our pig farmer.

In 2011, the Minnesota Pork Board’s ‘Ask a Farmer. Feed a Family’ pork donation fed nearly 2,000 Minnesota families. This year, with your help, Minnesota pig farmers plan to surpass that amount. To find upcoming events where we will have the Oink Outings booth, visit us on Facebook.

Upcoming Oink Outings:

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2 Responses to It’s Oink Outings Season

  1. Colleen says:

    How can we get the Oink Outings in rural areas??? I think the booth would be well received at local fairs. I kow I see Turkey booths all the time, but never a pork booth.

    • Minnesota Farmers Feed US says:

      The Minnesota Pork Board reaches out to the general public in many ways including an educational mobile trailer that has lots of information on pork and pigs. Typically local pork producers schedule the trailer for events in their area, such as county fairs and community celebrations. If you are interested learning more about the trailer’s availability or booth materials for display at a local event, please call the Minnesota Pork Board ( Thanks much!

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