Super Bowl Sunday Super Food: PIZZA!

Super Bowl Sunday PizzaPizza. It doesn’t matter if you like it with extra meat, extra cheese, loads of veggies, or “the works”, there is no denying pizza is the gold standard of Super Bowl food fare. But have you ever thought about what, and who, is behind that tasty slice?

Pizza crust, just like any food, starts on the farm! Most pizza crust is made from wheat flour, and wheat is grown right here in Minnesota. Tomato sauce is the next typical addition, and while sauce options are endless, they all go back to a juicy, red tomato being plucked from a green plant.

Pizza just wouldn’t be pizza without cheese. Here in Minnesota we are lucky to be home to thousands of dairy farm families along with the dairy cows they care for. Did you know Minnesota is actually the number 6 dairy state in the nation?

After the sauce and the cheese, varieties for toppings are positively endless. Meat is a big favorite, and we have hog farmers to thank for the pepperoni, sausage, and Canadian bacon so many of us enjoy. You can also think outside the box and top your pizza with everything from BBQ chicken or turkey to strips of grilled steak. Mushrooms, peppers, and onions might be the typical veggies you think of, but don’t let that stop you from experimenting further. The wider your variety of ingredients, the wider your variety of nutrients too!

If you want to learn more and meet Minnesota farmers who raise some of the foods we’ve talked about, just visit us at

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2 Responses to Super Bowl Sunday Super Food: PIZZA!

  1. Shane Schmidt says:

    Great story of what the Minnesota connection. You could add some history like where pizza got it start or what ever product you might talk about is to have a little background. Just a thought. I do like the piece though.

  2. Minnesota Farmers Feed US says:

    That would be an interesting topic for sure, thanks for the ideas, Shane. We’ll keep it in mind for future articles!

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